Truth for Today - Biblical Essays by Pastor Paul Mizzi

Welcome to TRUTH for TODAY. Pastor Paul Mizzi presents a collection of essays on a wide variety of Christian subjects. His one presupposition is the sole and full authority of the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God.

The Bible

  1. The Holy Scriptures
  2. Divine revelation
  3. Divine inspiration
  4. God gave his Word
  5. The autographs of Scripture
  6. Manuscripts of Scripture
  7. The canon
  8. The apocrypha
  9. The divine authority of Scripture
  10. The authority and sufficiency of Scripture
  11. Handling the Bible
  12. Apparent contradictions in the Bible
  13. The life-changing power of the Bible
  14. The Scriptures testify of Christ
  15. We can trust the Bible
  16. Ramsey on the trustworthiness of Scripture
  17. Science and the Bible
  18. The preservation of the Bible
  1. The eternal Son
  2. Jesus is True God
  3. The Perfect Knowledge of Christ
  4. Old Testament Christology
  5. The prophesied Messiah
  6. Types of Christ
  7. The Angel of His Presence
  8. Last Adam from Above
  9. The Son humbling Himself
  10. A unique birth
  11. The Baptism of Christ
  12. The ministry of Christ
  13. Jesus in the temple
  14. The passion week
  15. The sufferings of Christ
  16. The resurrection and ascension of Christ
  17. The glory of Christ
  18. The King of kings
  19. Our High Priest
  20. Christology and dispensationalism
  21. God's first promise and you
  22. Christ is all - we are complete in Him
  1. Knowing God
  2. The God who is there
  3. The Trinity
  4. The inter-relations of the Trinity
  5. The attributes of God
  6. The Personal God
  7. Pantheism
  8. God is spirit
  9. The unchanging God
  10. The Eternal God
  11. The Almighty Power of God
  12. God's power and creation
  13. With God is knowledge
  14. God is everywhere present
  15. Goodness, beauty and truth
  16. The Goodness of God
  17. The Love of God
  18. The Patience, Goodness and Mercy of God
  19. The Patience of God
  20. The Holiness of God
  21. The Holiness of God manifested
  22. The Justice of God
  23. The Righteousness of God
  1. The image of God in man
  2. After effects of the fall
  3. Universal belief in God
  4. Man's duty to God
  5. No excuse
Law and Grace
  1. God's knowledge of our sin
  2. The Law: an expression of God's love
  3. What Christ commands
  4. The free offer - but you cannot take it
  5. The human will - according to Augustine and Pelagius
  6. The golden mean of Calvinism
  7. The Pelagian heresy in modern dress
  8. Grace presupposes predestination
  9. The Compromise of Arminianism
  10. Saved or Savable?
  1. The Gospel: the power of God unto Salvation
  2. Christ: our all in all
  3. The covenant
  4. Christ and the covenant of grace
  5. Declared 'Not Guilty'
  6. Encountering Christ
  7. The proto-Evangelium
  8. Jesus saves!
  9. No other name
  10. Right with God
  11. Theories of the Atonement
  12. Are you a Christian?
  1. Faith
  2. Faith and doctrine
  3. Faith in Christ
  4. Faith alone
  5. Faith and works
  6. Faith: its witness and hope
  7. Faith and love
  8. The obedience of faith
  9. The great exchange
  10. The blessings of justification
  11. Our common salvation
  12. Luther on sin and grace
  13. Turning back to God
  14. Satisfaction of Divine justice
  15. The Shepherd dying for the sheep
  16. Can a Christian be certain of his salvation?
Christian life
  1. High standard of morality
  2. God's patience, a fountain of comfort
  3. Profaning Divine Ordinances
  4. How do you treat others?
  1. The Crisis facing the Church today
  2. Church prophesied
  3. Church government
  4. The apostles
  5. Bishop and presbyter
  6. The Regulative Principle
  7. Proclaiming the Faith
  8. Church growth
  9. Evangelicalism
  10. Water baptism
  11. Respect in church
  12. Church discipline
  13. The social concern of the church


  1. The missing jewel
  2. The abasement of the soul
  3. Balance in worship
  4. Biblical worship
  5. Hindrances in worship
  6. Traditional worship
  7. Worship only through Christ
  8. Preparation for worship
  9. Participation in worship
  10. Physical excitement in worship
  11. Spiritual worship
  1. Pastors
  2. The call to the Gospel ministry
  3. An ambassador of Christ
  4. Historical role of Elders
  5. Pastoral qualifications
  6. The cure of souls
  7. The covetous leader
  8. For pastors
  9. The Sovereignty of God: pastoral applications
  1. A definition of preaching
  2. Preaching and the discipleship of nations
  3. The preparation of the preacher
  4. The foolishness of preaching
  5. Styles of preaching
  6. Touching the raw nerve
  7. The purpose of preaching
  1. Why Counsel?
  2. "Mental illness"
  3. Depression
  4. Cases in counseling
  5. Hope
  6. The terminally ill
  7. Freud: antagonistic to the Gospel
  8. Self-esteem
  9. Self-pity
  1. Real evangelism
  2. Motives for evangelism
  3. Evangelistic preaching
  4. Paul, the evangelist
  5. Revaluation of our evangelism


  1. Introduction to Biblical archaeology
  2. Biblical archaeology: the echo of God's voice

Roman Catholicism

  1. Thou art Peter
  2. Peter and the Papacy
  3. Whence the papacy?
  4. Pope or Council
  5. The Petrine Heresy
  6. The counterfeit church
  7. Popish immorality
  8. Forgeries and falsifications
  9. Testimony of Roman Catholic scholars
  10. Roman doctrine and the book of Hebrews


  1. Docetism
  2. Dualism
  3. Ebionites
  4. Manichaeism
  5. Gnostic sects in the early church
  6. The Pitfalls of Gnosticism


  1. Arius
  2. Athanasius
  3. William Sautre
  4. John Wycliffe
  5. William Tyndale
  6. Martin Luther
  7. John Calvin
  8. Thomas Cranmer
  9. Huldrych Zwingli
  10. John Owen
  11. Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers
  12. Spurgeon and the Downgrade controversy
  13. George Whitefield
  14. Charles Simeon
  15. Robert Murray M’Cheyne


  1. The Bible and the renaissance
  2. The Lollards
  3. The English Bible
  4. Anselm anticipates Reformers
  5. Anselm's method
  6. Socinianism refuted
  7. The Synod of Orange
  8. A Cardinal's cardinal error
  9. The Synod of Dort
  10. The History of Arminianism and Calvinism


  1. Prophecy confirms our faith
  2. Isaiah: the evangelical prophet
  3. Calvary in prospect
  4. The fullness of Christ prophesied
  5. The 70 weeks of Daniel
  6. The second coming of Christ

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