What Christ commands

The teaching of Christ is replete with commandments that He, as supreme Lord, gave us to accept as a light burden and an easy yoke. A sampling follows, all gleaned from Matthew’s Gospel.

1. Seek every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Mt.4:4).

2. Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God (Mt.4:7).

3. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve (Mt.4:10).

4. Repent (Mt.4:17).

5. Follow me (Mt.4:19).

6. Rejoice when you are persecuted (Mt.5:12).

7. Let your light shine before men (Mt.5:16).

8. Don't break or dispise even the least of God's commandments (Mt.5:19).

9. Don't be angry with your brother (Mt.5:22).

10. Be reconciled with your neigbour before approching God in worship (Mt.5:24).

11. Don't look at a woman to lust for her (Mt.5:28).

12. Be radical in resisting sin (cutting off the right hand) (Mt.5:30).

13. Don't swear frivolously (Mt.5:34).

14. Be meek; don't seek your rights (Mt.5:38-40).

15. Love your enemy (Mt.5:44).

16. Bless those who curse you (Mt.5:44).

17. Do good to those who hate you (Mt.5:44).

18. Pray for your abusers (Mt.5:44).

19. Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect (Mt.5:48).

20. Don't be a show-off in your profession of faith (Mt.6:1ff.).

21. Don't be short-sighted in storing up your treasures: think of the after-life (Mt.6:19-21).

22. Be wholly devoted in your service to God (Mt.6:24).

23. Don't worry; don't be anxious (Mt.6:25ff.).

24. Don't be judgmental and censorious (Mt.7:1ff.).

25. Don't give what is holy to the dogs (Mt.7:6).

26. Pray fervently and persistently (Mt.7:7ff.).

27. Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them (Mt.7:12).

28. Seek salvation God's way: enter by the narrow way (Mt.7:13).

29. Take heed of false prophets (Mt.7:15).

30. Test the false prophets by their works, and by whether their doctrine accords with Scripture (Mt.7:16ff.).

31. Don't just listen to my teaching: obey it and do it (Mt.7:24ff.).

32. Be concerned about missions (Mt.9:37,38).

33. Confess me before men (Mt.10:32).

34. Be willing to lose your life for my sake (Mt.10:39).

35. Don't be offended because of me (Mt.11:4-6).

36. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me (Mt.11:29).

37. Take heed of your speech (Mt.12:36).

38. Don't add tradition or anything else to the Word of God (Mt.15:1-9).

39. Beware of hypocrisy (Mt.16:5).

40. Practise self-denial (Mt.16:24).

41. Take up the cross (Mt.16:24).

42. Humble yourself (Mt.18:4,5).

43. Be careful not to offend the least of believers (Mt.18:6,7).

44. Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones (Mt.18:10).

45. Practice healthy and loving church discipline (Mt.18:15-20).

46. Forgive everyone at all times and at every occasion for whatever offences he commits against you (Mt.18:21ff.).

47. Don't divorce your wife (Mt.19:1ff.).

48. Let the little children come to me (Mt.19:13).

49. Obey the Ten Commandments (Mt.19:16-22).

50. Don't profane divine ordinances (Mt.21:12-13).

51. Have faith in God; do not doubt Him (Mt.21:21,22).

52. Render to Caesar his due and to God His due (Mt.22:21).

53. Love the Lord your God with all your being (Mt.22:37,38).

54. Love all fellow-men as you love yourself (Mt.22:39).

55. Observe the Supper in my remembrance (Mt.26:26-29).